SDW50 2013

start 9 am

2 miles in a narrow path forces everyone to walk but that is good as it is uphill.

Right ankle hurting from the TP100 3 weeks previous

Hotspot starting to appear on top of where I had a blister at the TP100

Stop at checkpoint 1, 11 miles in and change my left sock along with a plaster on the hotspot

3 hours in. The rain starts as promised. I put on my waterproof - RONHILL Men's Trail Tempest Jacket - an awesome Jacket

Really feeling miserable, ankle aching and wondering if I would be able to make it.

Keep going by the fact James told me I was the only one left in the grandslam and the 2 times 50 milers that Centurion were running this year

Couldn't quit now.

26.6 miles: The aid station is in a farm shed.  Already decided my base layer was going on.

Try to replace my plaster. Foot too wet for a new one to stick to it.

Change my socks.  1000 mile socks left foot (thicker for the hotspot/blister) right foot: Nike Anti Blister Quarter Running Socks.

Drop an ibruprofen

Leave the aid station and feel awesome.  Even try a little heel kick to practise for the finish.

Realise it was probably the ibuprofen. However don't need another one, thank god.  Don't like taking them when running really.

Mud is getting worse, but used to it from the TP100.

Wet feet stop the blister  developing.

Run with Colin for a while and have some good company. Chatting takes away any negativity.

Visibility down to 20 meters in places.

Wind gusting up to 30 mph. It feels like more.

Waterproof with hood up keeps the wind out and that keeps me warm although I am wet.

Running tights soaked and annoy me a bit. May be worth investing in waterproof legs?

Lose the markings but have company and he has done a recce. We stay on the ridge and soon find the markings again.

Thinking what a great job done by the markers. tape and sprayed arrows everywhere. Must remember to thank them.

Run on ahead of the other guy. Out on my own again.

Don't see anyone for an hour.

Very lonely in the fog, wind and rain.  I'm sure the views are spectacular but there are none today.

Eventually see an outline of someone ahead.  keep seeing them and  then losing them in the fog. Wondering if they are real or a ghost of the moors, even though I am not on moors. it's like you imagine moors to be.

Catch them up and say hello. Jog on past to a gate in front and a style to the left.

No tape!  A girl in front comes back, the guy behind catches up. we discuss which direction to go in.

It can't be climb a gate. It must be over the style.

Get out my sat nav. It doesn't agree.

The girl goes over the gate and on.

Some more people catch us up.

More discussion. Colin who I had ran with earlier was there and starting to shiver.

Decide to trust the sat nav and climbed the fence telling him to come with me.

Need to get him running to warm him up. I am also telling him to get the space blanket on.

10 minutes on some tape. we are back on track.

At the next aid station Colin puts on the space blanket under his waterproof and that sees him to the end.

The girl who ran off, is also at the next aid station shivering. I think she drops here.

5 miles more to the next aid station. It's head down and run on. Ignore the weather it's not going to stop me. I'm not cold. I'm happy. It's exhilarating

Last aid station a quick chat with Foxy, who's doing the grandslam too, but helping out on this 50.

4 miles to go.

up the hill back into the wind.

Chatting to another runner when the girl behind shouts.  This is the way marker where we turn down to the finish.

We run to it. Find the path in the dip.  10 minutes on still no tape. This isn't right!

We back track.  Some lights come towards us.

They have gone to far. We hadn't gone far enough.

Where we meet we start to discuss where to go. visibility is low with the fog. we hunt around and eventually find some tape

A path in a gulley.  The second gulley as in the instructions. we'd gone down the first. Silly error. Never mind we were back on track.

A steep descent on slippery chalk.  my ankles are weak and my feet hurting; pounding into my shoes on the decline.

The group go off in front.

I am alone again.

The path ends and there are 3 people waiting for their runner.

Well done they say and direct me right.

I follow the tape down the road. Around the hospital. Then I see the running track.

Half way round it are 2 or 3 of the people I was with 10 minutes ago.

I slowly run as fast as I can.

I don't catch them.

I finish.

50 miles of fun and pain.

I wonder how I am going to do the 100 in June, with that as the last 50.  It's going to be tough but quiting isn't an option!

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