Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A look back at 2014

With one race left in 2014, Athens Marathon in November I have started planning 2015

I have Enduroman down as undecided as they have so many races I am still deciding which to do.  I want to do the IUTA quin, but that will need a crew.  If I don't sort out a crew I will probably do the continuous double, as I know I can look after myself for 24 hours, having done it a few times this year on runs already.

With Dan, the winner
My favorite races from 2014 turned out to be the track races. Crawley went really well when I look back at the distance I ran. Gloucester could have been a better performance , but was still a fun race to be in.

With Bill. We ran 16 laps together!

Then Endure 24 turned out to be a mud fest, which surprisingly I did really well in. I was surprised because I hate mud, but I learnt that it was easier to run through it than try to walk.  I am starting to think bad weather suits me. 60mph gusts of wind on the bike in Lanza 2012. I even got blown off on the turn point. Only 15 finishers from 40 starters. TP100 2013 saw floods and snow with a finish rate of only 55%. The mud at Endure 24 this year meant only 10 people ran 100 miles or more in 24 hours.  It seems what we like: for me flat, clean, warm and no mud, is not what we are always best at!

run forest run!
I also enjoyed my only triathlon of the year at Weymouth.  The sea was rough and scared the hell out of me, but I made it through the surf to get on the bike.  A fast undulating course with very little wind. The run was really well supported, along the sea front.  I have already entered for next year as this will be the 5th Challenge UK and I am going for my 5th finish.

Scary as hell!

I was disappointed not to finish the Olympian race.  I was caught out by the mountains and need to train more on them. It was also to be my qualifier for the Spartathlon, so I have to rethink that.  I still have time as I was planning in entering the Spartathlon in 2016.  Maybe I can get my 100km in 10 and 1/2 hours or the 200km in 24 hours in a race, as these are also a way to qualify.

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