Sunday, 5 January 2014

Let the training begin

I just had 2 weeks off.  Doing completely nothing, no running, no swimming and no cycling.  I still ate like I was exercising and consequently put on over 2 kilos during Xmas and the new year.  I am not worried.  I am sure it will fall off once training starts and training starts tomorrow.

My first A race is Nemea in May. Leading up to it I have a 50 mile cross country and a 12 hour track race lined up.  So I really need to get started with less than 20 weeks to go before I try to run 180km in 28 hours or less.  I hope less, but that's dependent on my training.

I am excited about running again.  Two weeks off and I have missed running.  So tomorrow I will get a lift to work and then run home in the evening. Can't wait!

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