Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Run home

I had a great run last night.  It turned into an adventure with the weather. I left work at around 5:40 and headed of on my usual route home. It was slower than usual due to the mud and wind, but speed wasn't the objective of the run so that didn't matter. I ran across the fields and through the Baldon villages, passing the cemetery and thinking about ghouls and ghosts.  Luckily they didn't materialise from the graves and I got through in one piece.

I ran across more fields and on to Dorchester-On-Thames.  Here I ran down a footpath and as I got to the gate at the end I could see water. I ran into the water and within 2 steps it was up to my knees.  I stopped and looked at the field. It was completely covered in water. With my torch I could see the surface moving fast.  Unsure as to whether there was a current and knowing it would go at least up to my chest I decided not to venture further towards the bridge across the river and turned around.  I back tracked to Dorchester and then ran on towards Shillingford.  I decided to stick to the roads from now on.  I crossed the river at Shillingford bridge. There was pavement all the way to Wallingford and then it was a quiet country road home.  I did cut across the fields at the back of my house expecting some water, but it was ok.  I arrived home with calve cramps.  Maybe 17 miles is a little too far to run after having done nothing for 19 days.  It was still very enjoyable and I felt good to feel some pain again.

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