Friday, 9 January 2015

Training Week 1 2015

Next race Athens 24 hour on March the 28th

Monday        Cycled to and from work - 44k
Tuesday        Cycled to work ran home - 22k, 21k
Wednesday  Cycled to and from work- 44k
Thursday      Ran to work Cycled home 21k, 22k
Friday           Cycled to work, swam on the way and cycled home 28k,2k,22k

Run: 42k
Bike: 182k
Swim: 2k

I now have 11 weeks to go until the 24 hour race in Athens.  My primary training is running with swimming as cross training and cycling to work on the days I don't run.  I managed all my planned sessions this week except Wednesday morning when I decide to miss my swim.  I had a cold over the new year and my RHR was 42 when I woke up.  It had dropped back down to 38 by Friday. This is still high for me and it did make the swim hard work.  During the first 10 lengths I nearly stopped as I was out of breath. I slowed down a little and felt better so was able to make my planned 2k in the end.  I have a fairly light weekend planned, so am hoping the rest/recovery will get my RHR down to normal and training can pick up a little.

Both the runs were also hard work.  On Tuesday I started out feeling good only to fatigue pretty quickly and Thursday had more walking in the run than I would of liked.  I was about 10 minutes over my easy pace for the 21k.  I think the Xmas break and the cold took a little of my endurance away.  Still, there's no need to panic as this will pick up over the coming month.

I've also started a lunch time running session at work for some people new to running.  Next Tuesday I am going to start them on a C25k plan.  I am looking forward to this and really hope I can get some of them enjoy running and want to get them all to a parkrun 5k at the end of 9 or 10 weeks. (I haven't told them this as I don't want to scare them off and I think 5k will seem like a step too far on day 1)  I am also planning a run with some other colleagues who already run a little.  So a bit faster, but hopefully slow enough to be a recovery run though, as I plan to run to and from work a more as the weeks go by.

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