Monday, 19 January 2015

Training Week 2 2015

Next race Athens 24 hour on March the 28th

Ran - 12.8k
Rest day
Cycled to  work and ran home - 22k,21k
Ran to work and cycled home - 21k, 22k  (also took my C25K group out)
Cycled to and from work Ran 6k at lunchtime - 44k, 6.3k
Cycled to and from work  (also took my C25K group out) - 44k
Cycled to and from work - 44k
Ran - 25k
Rest day

Run: 88k
Bike: 182k
Swim: 0k

I have switched to reporting from Monday to Sunday as that’s how I have my spreadsheet laid out!
I started a C25K session at work for people new to running.  I have 6 willing souls and it has been great fun.  I am surprised how much it has motivated me too! Also on Wednesday 4 people joined me for a lunch time run, again the motivation was great, running with other people.

It was a good week for me.  The running was nice ranging from feeling good to excellent.  Swimming took a hit as the weather got colder, but there's no hurry with that, as the race with a swim in it is a long way off!

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